Make a Great Discovery at Rio

The Emerson E. Evans School of Business is a student-centered, business school dedicated to opening learning opportunities for students in leadership, collaboration, and business management to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market place.

Yes, I want a Small Business Management Certificate in just 10 Weeks!

  • Demonstrate core business proficiencies in the areas of accounting, management, finance, marketing, international business, and information technology.
  • Demonstrate research & communication skills.
  • Demonstrate ethical and social responsibility values and leadership qualities conducive to success within a business environment.
  • Think clearly, reason logically, arrive at one’s own conclusions through one’s own observations, interpret data, analyze situations, evaluate evidence, discover principles, resolve problems, read rapidly with understanding, conduct research, stimulate his/her creative powers, to express one’s ideas orally and in writing.

   University of Rio Grande      218 N College Ave, Rio Grande, OH 45674      (800) 282-7201

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