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Considering a career in the medical field or is the corporate world more your thing? What about continuing your education and going to graduate school? Did you know that since 2013 Rio has a 100% placement in Pharmacy, Medical, or Graduate Schools for chemistry majors? That’s a track record worth noting.

Yes! I want an affordable education at a private university!

Yes! I want an affordable education at a private university!

Check this out about Chemistry at Rio:

  1. Incoming Ohio freshman? Concerned about the total cost of your education? A degree from Rio can lessen the burden. With tuition at $3,484, you’ll save Mo-Ne-Y (Molybdenun, Neon, and Yttrium for the non-scientists reading this.)
  2. Hands-on experience with laboratory instrumentation – Seriously, how else would you gain experience and learn about chemistry?
  3. Chemistry scholarships available: Combine this with number 1 and you have the perfect formula (Ok, a little corny, but hey, if it saves you money!)
  4. All Research projects are designed and led by the students, not faculty: What a concept! Research what interests you, not what interests the faculty.
  5. FREE science camp for incoming freshmen majoring in one of the sciences: One week camp includes FREE room & board and a FREE tablet: Learn about career options from field trips and outside speakers…sorry no s’mores (A limited number of seats are available, so act NOW)

   University of Rio Grande      218 N College Ave, Rio Grande, OH 45674      (800) 282-7201

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