A History Degree From University of Rio Grande Can Prepare You For Your Future

Is this in your future? Graduate school, law school, archivist, curator, teacher, professor, museum director, historical author?

Yes! I want an affordable education at a private university!

Choosing a college is hard.

  • You want a degree without the heavy debt
  • You want to experience all that college life has to offer
  • You want a reputable, accredited school with a great history and tradition

We hear you!

  • Rio Grande has affordable tuition and scholarships available to qualified students
  • We have a vibrant student life on campus, with sports teams, organizations, and plenty of campus sponsored events
  • Rio Grande is a reputable, established private university founded in 1876, located in beautiful southeastern Ohio


With in-state tuition starting at $3484 for incoming freshmen, can you afford not to learn more?


   University of Rio Grande      218 N College Ave, Rio Grande, OH 45674      (800) 282-7201

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