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We’re making it easier than ever to reach your future, with our facilities in Pomeroy. Starting Spring Semester, attend classes in EMT, Early Childhood Education, Business Management, Social Services, and more at our Meigs Center and get your career off to an amazing start while staying close to home.


Our Meigs Center makes attending college classes more convenient than ever for busy students in the Meigs County area and beyond. Our facilities are within driving distance to many southern Ohio communities, and our programs will get you started on a new career path in less time than you think


 We’re convenient, close-by, and adaptable to fit your busy schedule.  Are you ready to learn more? Fill out this easy form and find out how the Rio Grande Meigs Center can help you train for a better future!


Find out how our Meigs Center can help you on a path to a new career!  Fill out the form to learn more.

Rio Grande Meigs Center       42377 Charles Chancey Drive       Pomeroy, Ohio 45769      740-992-1880

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