Behavior Sciences Student Travel and Professional Development

help fund students’ travel

Goal: $600

Project Purpose: We are asking that people help fund students’ professional travel and development. The social work and psychology program take several trips every year to professional conferences, advocacy day, trainings, and so forth. Cost is a major deterrent for students. This money would help fund students’ travel including the cost of transportation, registrations and accommodations, and admission to trainings and similar educational venues.  This coming spring, psychology students are taking two trips (one to the Midwestern Psychology Association conference in Chicago, IL, and one to the National Museum of Psychology in Akron, OH) while social work students are taking one trip (State Advocacy Day in Columbus, OH). The $600.00 would help cover the cost of transportation, accommodations, and registration.

Any questions about any of the topics can be directed to

University of Rio Grande      218 N College Ave, Rio Grande, OH 45674      (800) 282-7201

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