An Adventure Awaits

Follow your passion and take an adventure. An adventure is not determined by the number of miles from home, but by the number of ways you immerse yourself in the academics, the activities, and the culture at Rio (and of course, by the people you meet.)

Is a Small College Right for You?

Size can be a big factor when it’s time to choose a college. If being part of a small, caring community that’s com­mitted to your success is important to you…if you value close relationships with students and faculty…if you want to feel at home while you’re away from home, take a good look at Rio (that’s Rye-O; it rhymes with Ohio) Grande. We may be a small college, but we’re big on everything that matters.

Yes! I want an affordable education!


You feel the Rio spirit the minute you step foot on campus.

  • Students here don’t just want to treat the disease…they want to discover the cure.
  • They don’t want to major in business…they want to run a business.
  • They don’t just want to play the music…they want to write the score.

Rio students are here to take the future by storm (RedStorm that is.) If Rio students have an attitude, it’s because they’re not just here to make a difference. They want to BE the difference.

Any questions about any of the topics can be directed to

   University of Rio Grande      218 N College Ave, Rio Grande, OH 45674      (800) 282-7201

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