Rio Faculty Member to Say Thank You to Every Grave

(over 400,000) at Arlington National Cemetery Over Spring Break(s)

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Cory Schierberl, Instructor for Rio’s Sports and Exercise Studies Program.



A visit to Washington DC stopping at every gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery to personally say “thank you” to the almost half a million service members laid to rest there.



Over Rio’s next two Spring Breaks, 6.5 8-hour days with 2 seconds per grave to give thanks.



Cory trained United States Soldiers for 3-years overseas, and was able to visit his Great Uncle Robert E. Schierberl’s (2LT) gravesite in southern Italy where he was killed in action. Cory, inspired by his family members ultimate sacrifice, then set his Arlington National Cemetery goal. Supporting the Rio Grande Veterans Fund made perfect sense!

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Where does the support go?:

Every dollar raised moving forward goes DIRECTLY TO THE RIO VETERANS FUND, and specifically in support of the Annual Awards Banquet honoring local veterans from our community.


Any questions can be directed to

Any questions can be directed to

The University of Rio Grande 1-800-282-7201

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